Our services

We believe in a hands on and personal approach, the managing directors are the key contact for our clients and we are committed to provide an efficient and professional service. NTS can provide the following services to its clients:

  • Formation services
  • Domiciliation services
  • Management services
  • Administration services
  • Corporate secretarial services
  • Compliance services

Formation services

NTS has the knowledge & experience to support and coordinate the entire incorporation process working in close connection with its trusted professional contacts such as public notaries, lawyers, bankers and tax advisors. Our formation services include:

  • Liaison with the client to help choose the most suitable legal entity incorporation of the legal entity;
  • Being the local representative of the client for the public notary registration of the legal entity with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce registration of the legal entity with the Dutch Tax Authorities opening a bank account for the legal entity
  • Assist the client with choosing the most suitable advisors if needed.

Domiciliation services

NTS is allowed by the Dutch Central Bank to use its company address to provide domicile to its clients. As explained under “our approach” we do not believe in mass production so the number of companies registered on our address will be limited. Our domiciliation services include:

  • Providing your company with an official registered address
  • Maintaining the corporate records of your company such as the financial administration, shareholders register, board minutes etc.
  • All mail for your company will be received at our address. NTS will process your mail and will forward it in accordance with our arrangement with you upon your request
  • NTS can arrange for a local office space, local staff, office equipment and office infrastructure (e.g. internet connection, telephone connection, fax line)

Management services

NTS is licensed by the Dutch Central Bank to provide personal and corporate (managing) directorships. Based on “Our Approach” our managing services include: personal and/or corporate directorship of your Dutch company take care of the day-to-day management of your Dutch company by: processing the daily correspondence (e.g. mail and e-mail) coordination of all contacts with your external advisors organizing, attending and recording of Board meetings and Shareholders meetings reviewing and executing documents to be signed on behalf of your Dutch company monitor the local registration formalities communication with governmental authorities and the Central Bank administration of the bank accounts of your company including monitoring incoming and outgoing payments and winding-up services.

Administration services

NTS can take care of all bookkeeping which is required for your Dutch company under Dutch corporate law. Depending on your needs we can arrange for day-to-day bookkeeping, monthly/quaterly/semi annual reporting and the preparation of your statutory accounts.

Corporate secretarial services

DTS provides corporate secretarial services which include corporate housekeeping. These services ensure that your Dutch (holding) company  fulfills all its legal obligations under Dutch (corporate & tax) law and include among other things:

  • Preparation and maintenance of company records such as the minutes of the board and shareholders meetings, shareholders register and proxies
  • Proper documentation of all transactions
  • Filing of documents with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce
  • Convening of board meetings and shareholders meetings including attandance in person

Compliance services

Corporate Income Tax & VAT
NTS will team up with your tax advisor to deal with your corporate income tax and/or VAT compliance. NTS will timely provide your tax advisor with the required information in the format they use. By teaming up with your tax advisor your Dutch compliance deadlines will be met and moreover tax risks and opportunities can be spotted and managed well in time before the filing deadlines. If you don’t have a Dutch tax advisor, NTS can assist you with choosing the appropriate tax advisor for your business in the Netherlands by making use of our extensive network.

Dutch Central Bank & Dutch Central Bureau for Statistics
Depending on the type of business of your Dutch (holding) company you might have some compliance obligations towards the Dutch Central Bank and/or Dutch Central Bureau for Statistics. NTS can handle these compliance obligations for you.